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How to use a dry herb vaporizer pen

Andrew Miller

On Vacation
Learn how to fill and use your dry herb vaporizer smoking steps as follows:

Steps 1: Choose the fresh dry herbs(weed), ensure it's not get mildewed, high quality herbs can give you more pure vapor.

Steps 2: Use a grinder to break down herbs/weed, you can use small plastic herb grinder or electric herb grinder to do it.

Step 3: Place herbs in your vaporizer chamber, the chamber don't over fill herbs, usually fill up to 1/3 to 1/2 of the dry herb chamber.

Steps 4: Start vaporizing immediately with the press of your vaporizer pen button, Pree the power button on
the battery 5 times quickly then the battery power on/off.

Steps 5: Keep your dry herb chamber clean, using a cleaning brush to help you clean the chamber on each time
you load it before or empty your chamber after.

Steps 6: Now you can use your Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer enjoy it, purer vapor,healthier, enjoy your vapor anytime anywhere.
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