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How wet/moist should it be?

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When is the best timeframe during budding to use a dehumidifier? I notice that the plants are wet on the leaves a bit in the morning when the lights come on and the air is definately humid. During the day this is not a problem because the door is open.

Should I run the dehimidifier?

It heats the room up. Not too much for comfort, but it really raises the night temps higher than the day temps. Is this a big deal, the change in temps?

Is this best used during the budding cycle? I heard it was better to keep it really cool during the night hours during the last two weeks of flower to increase resin and tricome production. Is this true? Or would the dehumidifier do the trick as well? Maybe it will make resin to protect the leaves from the dryness. Hmmmmm.

What do you think?

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That moisture you see on the leaves in the morning is quite natural. I would be disinclined to use a de-humidifier. Night temps should be cooler than day, or you get a stretching in the buds.
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