How would you prefer your Cannabis packaging?

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If anyone is interested, I'm curious if you got Cannabis from a delivery service/dispensary how what packaging do you like the most?

Using one of our sponsors as a resource share what packaging you like and why. Curious what others think.
Those mylar bags suck!!!!! F those bags!! The madacine gets all smashed up like a regular opinion is this " we are not hiding in the shadows any more so why put our medicine in baggies? Its best when they are in the little plastic medicine bottles they don't destroy the trichomes nor do they let the medicine bet smashed up
I prefer my packaging to be as compliant with the state as possible. I'm a big fan of creating as much legitamacy to the industry as possible. I know Colorado just passed new laws this month that really spell it in regards to how to label, opaque bottles, and a lot of other regulations.

Looks like the states are going to push for opaque and child proof everything from what I have been reading.
Personally I like the silver bags for my socks. Carrying weed in your pocket is immature. (priorities) I also like the travellers size Tylenol bottle because it seals airtight. Using clear spray paint over homemade stickers works well for 6 months to a year. Now I/we took a poll amongst ourselves as men on the streets. 80% of 100 persons... The childish colored bottles all over the streets is complete nonsense. Trying to prove you are cool by hoping someone sees you toss it is soooo lame. AND the 80% of us would prefer a more normal white medical container to be issued by the stores. Nobody is hanging in the park throwing down Tylenol bottles. Even the drunks do better mostly. The needle guy needs slapped.

Back to packaging, I plan on using thick mil gold vacuum packed/frozen tube shaped. wrapped in printed cardboard cylinder fashion. also planning to make my cardboard from my crop husks. I am VERY interested in any machines (even broken) to achieve this means. I want to make cigar boxes also
To be honest I use glass, or mason jars. Glass does not leak smells; plastic does. So I transfer whatever amount I am getting into Mason jars with new lids so I can be as discreet as possible.
I got the idea from watching a DEA show years ago where they explained that all plastics leak smells [but glass does not] about a certain amount of time after you put drugs into them and the dogs hit on 'em it almost every time. The only time they might not hit on plastic is if they were transported immediately after the drugs were put into them and the smells did not have time to permeate the plastic.

But I will look at the recommended link and give my opinion...

I like those Micro Screw Jars made of polypropolene. Those would carry well in a pocket.
I have an injured and weak hand, and can't open the foil pouches or the child proof containers. It makes my feel MORE disabled!
That's a great lead bruh. What we usually use in our dispensary are airtight glass jars for long distance delivery and we've never had probs with deliveries.