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Howdy, I'm Herbaliscious John


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I've been a lurker at 420Mag for a while and thought I would jump in and introduce myself.

Presently, I own a company called Herbaliscious.com and we're just getting started in the world of 420. I hope to be able to actively contribute to 420Magazine but the only thing I can do right now is share a story that might be interesting.

Last week, I was in Osaka Japan on the hunt for head shops. I found one in the Shinbaiashi Shopping District. I wanted to find out more about them but their owner was out of town (in Phuket, Thailand, of all places - where I had just been three days before...). The clerk didn't know any English at all. Instead, he gave me directions to what he thought was a better shop a few blocks away but I couldn't connect with him any more than that.

A little frustrated and seriously lost, I saw a Starbucks, went in and asked if anyone spoke English. A really nice kid said yes and offered to take me to the other shop. It is called Taimado. (they have a website but it's in Japanese.)

Anyway, we walked over to this small shop on the fourth floor and went in. Some Japanese Hard Rock was playing and the clerk, another really nice kid who couldn't speak English asked if I needed help. My new guide gave him my request for some gear and the job was done.

Through the kindness of strangers.... What I've seen in this forum are loads of kind strangers who help with growing problems, legal problems, etc. I think it's great.

(One other thing: If you happen to go somewhere urban in Tokyo, the action is _not_ at ground level)

Anyway, Best Wishes and I hope to interact with you soon!

Herbaliscious John


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Hi Herbaliscious John.

Welcome to :420: !

Great story! I appreciate you sharing it.

Your correct about the folks that frequent this site being generous and helpful. Nicest group of folks I've ever witnessed, much less interacted with, on a chat forum.

So what does your company do? Are you interested in becoming a site sponsor?

I hope you continue to enjoy the site and look forward to interacting with you around the forums!


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Herbaliscious develops and sells products for the 420 Industry. Right now, we offer great grinders and some killer worm tea (we're selling it locally to some growers and hope to sell our dated concentrate version once we figure out packaging). Also, we have a demo unit that we've developed for a CureBox (an automated version of a burp jar). It will be shown in all it's glory at the January Champs show.

Yes, we're very interested in sponsorships and hope that we can afford them! LOL


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Very cool! I'll check out your sight.
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