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Hi there,
Just thought I would chime in and say hello.I am a new grower(2 grows) here for the info and friendship with like minded people.One question though, when I try to upload photos to gallery I cant.I followed step by step but when I click "select files to upload" nothing happens.Do you have to have a certain number of posts to upload or something?


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:welcome:Bones!! Two grows makes you more experienced at it than I am.... I'm in the beginning stages of my first. :) If you're here for info, friendship, and like minded people, you surely are in the right place! I can't tell you why your photos aren't uploading but I don't believe it's because of any number of posts. I only had a few when I posted my first pictures to my journal.. wish I had a better answer for you. You must have 50 post to private message anyone except for the admins. I have found the frequently asked questions and the search to be very helpful. Good luck and again.... Welcome to:


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Howdy... I am new here an a newbie grower.. haveing some issues.. an looking for some help.. I am very easy to get along with an very likeminded.. an looking for guidence...

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welcome to :420:.. did u get your pics figured out ?
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