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vice viceroy

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folks! I'm new to the forum but not new to the smoke. I grew up in a fairly conservative environment, but I did have some funny indirect experiences w/ weed way before I started to smoke:

At a summer camp one time a girl from California approached me and started talking about how she and her friends had spent all summer "bakin' in bakersfield". I thought she was talking about the weather, but I didn't realize until years later she was trying to find some smoke! Oddly enough it was a christian camp!

On a mission trip to Jamaica I was talking to a local, but I couldn't understand anything he was saying. After asking him to repeat himself a few times, he finally said 'Pot?' The crazy thing about it was that we were in a church when he was trying to sell it to me!

Then there was my first time when I was 19. I spent half the time on the floor of the pizza place I was working. The other half of the time I spent in Waffle House (a must visit to any of you who ever visit the southeast US). I said to the waitress "I'll take the ham and cheese omletee. . . . :hmmmm: umm does that come with cheese?" ahh good times.

So I joined the forum lookin' to exchange cultivation advice. I'm sick of having to look all over and still not find. I live close to the ghetto, and I'm sure it's floating all around me, but I'm too scared to go walkin' around the neighborhood. Just a few weeks ago two people got shot in my apt complex. So yeah, i'm rightfully paranoid.

I'm building a growbox atm, and i got some JoeyWeed C99 seeds on the way. I'll see you guys in the grow room setup forum soon!

vice viceroy

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no doubts there! that's why I joined!

it's freakin' frustrating to talk about somethin' I don't have tho. Fortunately I have a bag waiting for me later on tonite :headbang:
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