How's it going everybody? Fungus Gnats, help


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How's it going growers? I have a gnat problem and would really be grateful for all the help I can get. First time grower.
I read about the neem oils and I tried them with no luck at all. Thanks

Just a little info of my grow, 4x8 grow tent, 4x4 grow tent, 900w mars hydro 2 for my lights, fox farm trio pack for nutes, cal-mag, molasses and some lime
for soil I use pro mix soil and perlite with fabric pots. :rollit:

I also read about diatomaceous earth and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on that as well? Thanks


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Thanks,Reave !
I've been using the Mosqiuto dunks for about 8 months now,and the only times I've seen soil gnats is when starting a grow with new soil- I use Black Magic soil,and it comes with gnats...
After about two waterings with the dunk treated water,the gnats die off,and stay gone till
the next grow .
I've recently started treating the soil before I plant in it,so I haven't seen a soil gnat for quite some time,an least not in the growspace...
Dunks,Mosquito Bits,and Gnatrol all use BTI to kill the gnat larva-it's a bacteria that's non-toxic to anything but gnat larva (and mosquito larva )
I've got a 5 gallon bucket that I use for my plant water,and I just toss in about half a dunk every month or so-keeps the water populated with the BTI,so every time I water my plants, I'm also treating the soil for gnats,in case they try to stage a comeback...
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