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HP Aero - White Russian & Kosher Kush

Jane Frost

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I have this love/hate relationship with plants in general. They hate me and I love them to death...literally. Every plant I've owned or cared for has committed suicide. So when the idea of treating Bipolar with Marijuana hit the fan, I had to give growing a try. But soil, for the love of god, we just don't agree on things. This lack of a green thumb propelled me to venture forth with my science thumb. She burns bright like Tesla so I decided to roll with a NASA-inspired, high-pressure aeroponic system. But I also wanted something that could do it all: seedling/clones, mothers, veg/flower. So this is what I came up with....

Storage Cabinet (20.6 x 29.1 x 71.1 inches)
10 & 14 Gallon Roughneck Totes by Rubbermaid
2" Net Pots with Neoprene Pucks
Rubber Weatherstripping
DIG Low Flow 360-Degree Fogger/Misters (50 Micron, 10/32 Thread)
3x 1/2" Bulkhead Fitting Kit
3/8" OD Polyethylene Tubing
1/2" PVC
1/2" Clear Tubing
Inline T-Strainer with 15 Micron SS Filter Screen
Aquatec 8800 RO Booster Pump
Tank Pressure Shut Off Switch (80PSI)
Zen-Tek Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge (160PSI)
Watts Pressure Relief Valve (50-175PSI)
SHURflo Accumulator Tank
110/220VAC Electric Solenoid Valve
Belkin 8 Outlet Pivot Surge Protector
2x Hydrofarm 7-Day Digital Timers
C.A.P. ART-DNE Adjustable Interval Timer
2x AC Infinity 120 mm Quiet Cabinet Fan (1200 RPM 52 CFM 23 Dba)
3x AC Infinity 80 mm Quiet Cabinet Fan (1000RPM 26 CFM 22Dba)
4x 120 mm Aluminum Fan Filter
Marineland Black Diamond Activated Carbon
Homemade Louvered Vents
Eva-Dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifier
Rope Ratchet w/Metal Gears
Growbright T5 2 ft 4 Lamp (8k Lumens)
AgroMax Grow (6.5k) and Bloom (3k) bulbs
Mondi 7" Greenhouse & Thermo-Hygrometer
Plastic "Shot" Cups
4x 4" Bonsai Training Pot
Botanicare KIND Base, Grow, and Bloom Nutrients
Botanicare Pure Blend Tea Supplement
Earthjuice Double Down Ph Adjuster

Estimated Nutrient PPM breakdown
-Seedling — 300 PPMS
-Vegging — 400-600
-Transition — 600
-Flowering — 700-900

Water Reservoir 5.8-6.2 pH
Accumulator Tank at 50-80psi
Watering schedule — 1 second on/30 minutes off
Temperature — 82 Lights on/72 Lights off
Humidity — 60% Veg/30% Flower
Employing the supercropping technique

Currently, they are on day 38 of flowering, after 6 weeks of veg.

From seedling to transition, the nute ppms worked great. But as soon as they were into flowering mode and I'd upped the nutes, they showed a lil scorch action on the leaf tips. Nothing major but I'll be lowering them.

Jane Frost

New Member
Thank you, GeminiKid!

I just realized my timer somehow reset to veg times and god knows how long it's been like this. Curious if the light cycle even matters since they flowered and so far without becoming hermies merely because I changed the bulbs to a bloom spectrum. But I'm gonna fix the timer to 12/12 anyway and throw out all saved settings.


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Wow! Go science thumb! I must admit for being such a weird organic gardener, I can't grow cannabis in organic soil to save my life! Had tons of problems. Hydro on the other hand hums along extra well! You really did well here. Another week or so and you will have yourself some very nice looking meds it looks like!


Jane Frost

New Member
J189RFC, thank you! Another week is so close, yet, like Christmas, it takes forever, man! :p And I'm glad someone shares my woes. I have an aquaponic garden for my kitchen herbs and it made me realize that I might be able to grow if I just left out the soil. I am attempting to grow mothers in organic coco coir and will get a shot of the two in my weekly update. But it hasn't been easy. Worlds apart.

Jane Frost

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Day 56 of Flowering
After getting some nute burning after turning to flowering, I lowered the ppm level to 700 (from 900) but now they seem to need a little boost so I'll be upping them just a smidge for the final push. But looking at the trichomes, is it me or do they look good and cloudy with some ambers?? I don't want to harvest too early (both breeds are 63 & 68 day flowering) but I don't want to harvest too late either.
Moms were doing good in the first few weeks but they're getting hungry. I'll be upping the nutes :)


Jane Frost

New Member
Day 63 of flowering and it was time to cut the girls down. I have to say it was somewhat bittersweet. I'd finally been able to keep a plant alive, flourish no less, and like the Moirai, their lives simply ended. *sigh*
The drying chamber is simple. A canvas suit bag with a pvc "roll cage." The bar in the front middle is a nuisance so after these come out, I'll be getting rid of that...
With the ridiculously dry climate here, I've opted not to cut the leaves and will let it dry for a few days before trimming things down. I threw in a thermo/hygrometer and the eva-dry for safety measures.
See y'all in a few days!

Jane Frost

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Thank you! I had some first time trimming issues, so pardon my late reply. Let's just say, from now on, I'm cutting the sugar leaves before drying because man, that was a pain in the ass! But the air here is so dry that I removed the Eva-Dry and they were holding 55% humidity at the week's end. They're nestled nicely in a few mason jars on their way to a cure :)

David Bowman

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