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HPA root trellis?


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I am about to put together my first high pressure aero system. I've detailed the entire project out in CAD tweaking and adjusting various aspects of my build prior to implementation. It's cheaper to screw up in the virtual world and make revisions with a click of a mouse rather than patching holes and recutting tubing.

My room is about 290 SqFt (14' x 21') and I'll have (3) 17' long 8" pvc grow chambers under 4000w. There will be (24) plants equally spaced 2' apart with 2.667 SqFt of grow space per each.

I already have a high pressure pump, accumulator tank, pressure switches, solenoid and high pressure misting heads. I have spent hundreds, if not over a thousand hours researching various setups and customizing my setup to accommodate my needs.

The more I read and research, the more I hear that the one major problem is root rot or dead spots in the second half of flowering due to lack of water penetration by the fine mist into the dense root balls.

My question is, has anyone tried root trellises?

I had envisioned a separator (similar to the plastic V shaped order numbers you get at fast food restaurants) zip tied to the bottom of my net cups that divides the roots from the very beginning so that there isn't a massively dense root ball directly under the plant.

Does this sound viable or am I just getting way out on a limb here?

Your thoughts and constructive criticism is welcomed.



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Sounds like a great idea! BUT... with your limited root chamber (8" less pot depth) your gonna start out fine.. but root mass will get you in the end, and will turn the whole show into a "partitioned" HPNFT rig...
Also distance from nozzles and their power may be an issue.. you don't want to slice your roots with pressurised nutrients...
My root chamber is 550mm X 660mm X 990mm... i might just dabble with your fantastic idea.. , Im fiddling around with nozzle placement and have stacks of room to play around with.. Will see how the first run pans out then jump on your idea if needed. :thumb:


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It was just a thought of mine one night brainstorming solutions to problems that hadn't yet occurred. Unfortunately, without a massive mini split AC unit my room gets too hot for my HPA system. See my grow chambers are 17' long and I'm running double ended lamps which put off about twice as much heat as a normal lamp. It's a commercial spec'd grow room, minus the massive AC unit (crucial miscalculation on my part).
I could not control the pyrethrum that took control of the chamber and reservoir. It was costing me too much money, so I had to shut it down.
Let me know how your grow goes though.
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