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HPS 1K+ Agrosun Gold 1K for bloom


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I just started my first bloom a month ago. I had a single HPS 1000 lighting six small "trees" in a room 8'X6'. I noticed that in the first two weeks the plants directly under the HPS had put on about twice the amount of fledgling buds, while the "wings" on either side were lagging behind. I decided to throw in another 1000K and made a deal with a client of mine and picked up a couple Magnum XXXL's and a couple Quantum dim-able digital ballasts. The hoods are almost the same footprint as the floor! Anyway- I wanted to throw in a little more blue as I hear that a more balanced spectrum with more blues instead of all red helps with flavor, and overall quality of the bud.

SO- now I have both hoods hung, one with a standard Hortilux HPS, and one with a new Agrosun Gold "conversion lamp". Both lights are tuned down to 75% to keep temps under control around 82*F. I'm throwing about 38-39 watts/sqft at that setting. I'm getting about 1000 lumens at the canopy on the HPS side, and about 750 on the MH side. The lenses are between 18"-24" off the canopy and are literally hung 6" from the ceiling.

So- after Googling all morning, and reading everything I could find on this forum I am still second guessing myself! The Agro Gold has more red light then a standard MH, but next to the HPS it still looks super-blue! I guess my main concern is that the plants on the predominantly MH side will suffer with fluffy buds, while the ones on the HPS side get exactly what they need.

I have found a dozen threads asking about the Agro Gold, and a few starters, but none of them have any conclusions. I would like to avoid being the guinea pig, but I will sack up and continue if no one else knows what to expect.

Simple questions-

Have you flowered with the Agro Sun Gold? Results?

Is the HPS+MH conversion the way to go for best mixed spectrum for bloom with two 1K's?

Will the light from the HPS four feet from my plants under the MH be enough red?

Anyway- thanks for the help guys. Love the forum!:peace2:

Oh, I decided against the Hortilux "dual arc" as it is twice the cost and half the lumens.


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This place is really on fire eh?

So far so good, three weeks left. Now, I will say this- I like that the HPS puts out more lumens. So maybe next cycle I'll just go with HPS all the way around. Expecially if I have to turn down my ballasts to keep temps under control.


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They are literally wall to wall. I was delayed in getting the bloom going so the girls got a little unruly...


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I have exactly what you are looking for... This is a link to my grow where I had exactly this setup on one large plant and shows smaller airy buds on the mh side and bigger denser nugs on the hps side: My White Widow Adventure The link should put you on page 12 where I start the comparison.

I also grew with agro sun gold and did get nice results. I am now trying Sunmaster with 30% more blue so I'll see how that does with yield etc... I didn't notice any difference in taste between mh and hps by the way.



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Thank you! Yep- same results here- couldn't tell the difference either. I will say that the G-13 is getting better every day as it cures. Nothing wrong with running half HPS and half MH IMHO.
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