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HPS became cooler


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I have 600w kit (dimmable ballast, cooltube and hps gib lighting 600w). It has been set on 250w all the way.

Today I removed dust from the bulb and inner side of the cooltube. First I unscrewed the bulb then, after I finished the cooltube, I screwed it back in.

It is running for 4 hours now. And the temperature is 31C. And before it was 35-38C.

I check the lumen with my phone, using and app. It showed no difference.

How could the temperature drop so drastically?

Thanks in advance!


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No bro, I am using s&p 100cz, it is placed right in the cool tube. Like it was before. Nothing changed in my setup.


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Hello guys
600 is to much for my space.
I think it is because of ballast too. Probably when you set it on 600 and go back to 250, like I did to see how light changes, it heats the bulb as 600 despite giving 250 light.
But I'm not good in electrical engineering. Is that possible?


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No sorry that wasn't very clear. What I ment was. When a digital ballast is set to lets say 600 and its a 1000 watt ballast but you have it set to 600 when the ballast kicks on it will power all the way up to full power at first then it drops back to 600. Its kinda difficult to explain.

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