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HPS bulbs - new sortiment


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We now have more brands of HPS bulbs available at WebHydro.com!
Call us for quantity discounts :D

FloraSun 400 Watt HPS Bulb

FloraSun HPS Bulbs - 400W

* Horticultural lamp specially designed for abundant blooming
* Long lasting life
* Compatible with digital ballasts

These high pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights are manufactured under the highest standards of quality control and specially engineered to re-create an enhanced natural sunlight spectrum - to deliver more usable light energy, while optimizing plant growth.

FloraSun HPS 400 W bulb generates 60.000 lumens of optimized grow light!

Ushio HiLUX GRO HPS 1000W opti-red Bulb

SUPER High Pressure Sodium with Optimized RED and BLUE Spectrum

# 1000W SUPER high output HPS with maximized output in both red and blue spectral range
# Runs on HPS Ballast
# SUPER HPS bulb with maximum output in both red and blue spectrum
# Optimized for maximum flower yield, and added blue spectrum for vegetative growth efficiency
# Outperforms standard HPS bulbs

Check out these bulbs and more at WebHydro.com
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