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HPS burnt out... please help.


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Hey all... ran into a bit of a problem.

So I came home to my HPS being off... looks to be burnt out and I cant get a replacement until tomorrow.

Question is... what should I do about re-starting up the light cycle.

If any luck Home Depot carries a 400w HPS bulb that I can use until I get my 600w.

I am on an 18/6 schedule and currently the plants have had no light for 19 hours.

I was actually about to switch to 12/12 come Friday.

Whats the best way to get the lighting back on track?

Any help would be much appreciated.


dakota grown

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I don't think you can use a 400W bulb with a 600W ballast, even for a little while. Your best bet is gonna be to just get any kind of light you can find in there for now and have a new bulb sent overnight (expensive, but otherwise you're looking at 3 to 5 business days) You might as well switch to 12/12 now, as I'm pretty sure the extended period of darkness they've had will screw with the veg cycle anyway. Good luck:smokin:


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lowes has big 65 watt cfl's (they say 300w equiv on them) in a single box that use regular bulb socket, can get round tulip shape reflector w/ cord and socket with a clip on for <10bucks Bulb is more remember soft white to flower, daylight for green.. (but might as well flower) I always keep a few of these around for who know what emergency?? Buys you time... I dont believe they have a 600 HPS there either.
Good luck

Harry Red

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Ditto!! You have got to have a backup bulb, even if it's an el cheapo. It's not a matter of if it will go out, but when... :(

Your only option at this point is to drive to the closest hydro store or overnight in a bulb. You can get by a little while with no light but too long and you'll be putting undue stress on your ladies.




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My airconditioning has gone out in the "wine cellar" just last night! Oh man it is like an oven in there. I may have to turn off the HPS and go to the CFL's until I get the air con replaced. It is just too hot.. SO I am shopping for an air con to fit in the hole, that was origianlly created for the wine cellar (its not a wine cellar anymore... ) I am happy that I have spare lights... nearest HP store to me is 200 miles if my ballast or such would burn out...


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Yup keep backups of all essential grow supplies. Does not have to be top notch backup but enough to get you by until the primary equipemnt can be repaired or replaced. I have 2 primary 600 watt lights and ballasts and have secondary 2 x 400 watt setups I can swap in if needed.

Hydro and Air pumps the same thing if hydro. Keep spares. De-oxygenated water in a DWC will kill your plants quick same and an ebb and flow table that doesnt flood.

Get CFL's at a minimum for backup as to not screw up your light schedule.
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