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HPS & LED combo

Hello people.
I have a question for all of you.
Im about to start my 2nd grow.
My setup:
A single 600w hps cool tube
Grow box 4*4*7
Extractor fan with carbon filter
Passive and active intake when needed
And now im asking my self if i put one 300w led pannel will increase my yield and potency if buds?
It's worth the investment?


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Hi Northlight ...
Will let you know in about 8 weeks.
I've 2 x 600w HPS and have added 6 x 100W Vero LED @ 3.5k in a 6x6 space (7x7 max). But I don't run them all until late veg ...

The seedlings didn't seem to grow any more quickly - but the nodes were much closer together. Much.
I'm 5 weeks into veg now. 2 autoflowers (1 gone crazy and 1 a bit disappointing, but I fimmed them both and only one could handle it). 7 photos which are a week behind ... 2 disappointing ... but 5 are really powerful looking squat plants. With massive leaves compared to the same stage under just HPS.
I've also started adding CO2 (like from about an hour ago) ...
But my feeling is that the plants have reacted really well to the LED ... and with tighter node spacing and larger leaves, I can't help but be hopeful for the next few months ...
What panel are you thinking about? I (kind of) DIY'd them, ordering from timber grow lights ...
Hi Jimbo.
Tnx for the reply.
Finger crossed for your grow...hope it will be a success.
I started with 5x Big Bang auto and 1x Northern Light auto.
About the pannel i was looking for some Mars hydro or Meizhi ftom eBay
And maybe i could try with some UFO or maybe two?

Why Doe

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You can mix the 2 lights, light is light. The more light the better, so yes you will get more yield from adding a led
Ok more light = yield that's logical tnx
And here is the last question...with my 600w cool tube which one will fit better the 300w or 600w led...i dont want to burn them

Why Doe

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Can't go wrong with mars, never heard of the other. If you want a cheaper route but still amazing lights go with vipaspectura


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you know the usual so called cheap grow lights misses one important fact and that is they have a poor light spectrum, a normal 2700 Kelvin house use led covers a bigger spectrum light the sun a bit

Why Doe

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I have 3 healthy ladies under less than 120 true Watts of light

In flower? I mean yes they will grow, quality and high yield tho? No


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here a pic, 9th day flowering , maybe small but who can say how the end will be, you?
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