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HPS lights


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Hi,getting a small set up together and got a 60x60x140 tent,enough room for 2 plants hopefully..
I have 2000w led full spectrum and a 600w hps dual spectrum light and ballest and reflector..
Q. What can I use with to go with the ballast from start to finish..Dont mind buying 2 bulbs if necessary.


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Hmm... That's a bit under four square feet. 3.87499225 ft.². At 62.5 watts per ft.², you'd be looking at flowering with 242.187 watts. Does your HID ballast have a 250-watt setting? If so, you could use that, I suppose.

Can you set up a 3'x3' (~.9m x ~.9m) tent instead, lol? Or something of that area in a shape that fits the footprint of light cast by your HID reflector? If so, run it with a metal halide bulb during the vegetative growth phase and a high pressure sodium bulb during the flowering phase (or the HPS bulb all the way through), If your ballast supports running at a reduced wattage, do so early on, increasing to 400 watts and then switching to the 600-watt setting when you cut the light schedule back to 12 hours per day for flowering.


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Good morning
Unfortunately that the only size tent I've got and the ballast doesn't have a dimmer so pretty useless for my size tent
I guess if tried to use lower watt light it would blow .
Thanks for the advice


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is that cm? If so, your 2000w led, which might be aorund 300~400w will be more than enough
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