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HPS which brand


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I went to the store today to buy a new 400w bulb. So many different brands. I have always used the Phillips agro-lite for my 1000w HPS but my guy at the store sold me on the Hortilux. Has any one used both or just the hortilux that can give me some feed back? I'm only asking because when I got home I had to put my last 1000W replacement bulb in, so I have to go buy 2 more. He carrys Hortilux, phillips and GE he mite have a couple more but not sure.


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Hortilux 1000 watts are what I am using in my grow journal. I have no complaints except for the price of the bulbs.
Here's a link to the journal.
Urdedpal's Journal
I hope to update tonight but I have another project I am working on.
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