HSO Lost Coast Hashplant - One Plant 2 Lights One Love

How long does a zip of great herb last most here? I think I need to medicate more often, :rofl:
Unless im cooking with it, it lasts me a long time. Just say'n. :)

When I use to smoke flowers a OZ always lasted me a month with me smoking as much as I wanted.. Now I do not smoke flowers anymore.. Its been over a year I think.. Only thing I smoke now is full melt concentrates on a domeless nail with a Errlectric E-nail.. I prob go through 10 grams a month depending on quality.. after I start making it myself I see it going to up about 15 to 20 grams a month haha!
I can't wait to play with it. It seems like whenever you're waiting for that big brown truck, they take forever to get here. Noted and I'll go for 10 too :high-five:

That thing look so bad ass! Angie is thinking of getting one for smoking flowers for her! Cant wait to see what you think of it!
Curso, do you have a favorite time of day to harvest? Before lights go on or off, Etc? Enquiring weeders want to know. :)

When the mood strikes bro. I am a get it done kind of guy. I prefer to get shit done in the morning so...just after lights on....LOL
Curso, how many z's of your incredible dense buds fit into qt Ball jar? Going to ask tav, doc, graytail, etc..too :)

The quart sized jars seem to hold 1-3 ounces depending. One of my huckleberry phenos made some huge solid, but fluffy (not sure how that works) nugs. Couldn't have been much more than 1.5oz in one of those jars. The purple huckleberry however, fill a jar with that and we are much closer to 3 oz
Day 1~ 11/13 is in full swing now folks. The lights are on bloom mode. The plant just got some energy and tea this morning. I need to play with the footprint just a tad, but she's looking very healthy and happy.


Subscribed Curso.
Wow am I late to the party or what...... hahaha

Wow, those lights are doing the dang thing in your garden!! wow!

Very tight nodes too and very bushy plant!!!

You can count me in as subbed....sorry for my late attendance.. :)
Day 5 of 11/13~ Man she is looking fantastic. I gave her something to drink yesterday. She'll get some brix tomorrow. I am going to add like 15lbs of worm castings to my soil, normally I would use some wiggle worm and call it a day. My buddy informed me that there is a local place to source some and the guy knows what he fed them. So that's the rout I plan on taking.

Here she is...Happy, happy, happy...

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