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HSU NORML To Hold Cannabis Event


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Humboldt State University’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is currently preparing for NORML Day 2007, a day centered on cannabis legalization and education.

NORML is proposing a number of activities, including a cannabis medicine application workshop, music and various movie marathons leading up to the event, ranging from the humorous to the historical.

NORML said it also intends to focus on the portrayal of cannabis in the media, as well as education, the drug war and the prison industrial complex.

NORML President Jason Robo said NORML is trying to organize speeches and debates with administrators, although, he said, three out of four he has spoken with will not be participating in the event.

“These issues need to be discussed in the public arena,” he said, adding that administrators should be able to logically convey their opinions on the issue.

Robo said NORML will be attempting to initiate legal actions against the California State University system for its policies toward students with 215 medical marijuana cards, though it is awaiting a ruling on a Supreme Court case involving the termination of an employee for medical marijuana use.

Additionally, NORML may hold smoke-ins on campus and file official complaints with the CSU chancellor, the board of trustees, HSU’s administration and the attorney general.

Robo said NORML would like to conduct hemp research on campus, which he said would have remarkable benefits, such as when used as a paper alternative.

NORML said it hopes to present the Arcata City Council with Measure Z later this summer, which will be geared toward local law enforcement regarding the seizure of medical marijuana.

“It’s a really active club,” said David Lawlor, former vice president of NORML.

Lawlor said previous NORML Day conferences featured a variety of speakers, including the district attorney.

Robo said NORML plans to hold NORML Day 2007 in October or November.

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