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Amy Gardner

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Oho that’s not my medicine - nooooo that’s a bad scene for me :eek::19:

I do know some people who use it in a variety of ways (recreationally, medicinally, creatively etc.). Very interesting stuff. There’s something in one fo the local wattle species here - I don’t know if it’s psilocybin but it’s definitely sometihng in that ballpark and a friend of a friend is a bit of a bush chemist and makes... hmmm mid sentence I’m wondering if that’s one of the things we’re not supposed to post about. Ima check the guidelines... bac in a min :ganjamon::nerd-with-glasses:

Cool, that’s all good. As I was ‘saying’ ... he is a bit of a bush chemist makes medicines with it at a variety of potencies. I should look into it more perhaps - it grows in the forest right here i think. My bad times wth acid (even tiny amounts) are what lead me to think it’d be a no-no for me. BUt maybe I’m wrong.

Oh and the bit of the guidelines I’d had remembered was this (I knew there were requests not to talk about certain other intoxicants, but psilocybin isn’t one of them :3: )
420 Magazine is the preeminent Cannabis website. We focus exclusively on Cannabis & Hemp; its cultivation, history, legality, applications and benefits. However, Human Beings have been ingesting not only Cannabis, but also Psilocybin mushrooms for well over 6,000 years, if not longer. Both have been used for ceremonial, ritual and healing purposes in the past by many cultures. As Modern Science has rediscovered both Cannabis and Psilocybin Mushrooms in their search for therapeutic agents in the treatment of pain and other neurological conditions, light discussions of other, completely natural highs such as magic mushrooms (non toxic only) Peyote and Ayahuasca are permitted, provided there are no threads dedicated to it and/or the conversation hijacks a cannabis themed thread. Light mentions of hard drugs and/or synthetic stimulants are only permitted for reference purposes, for those weening off of them and onto Cannabis as a replacement. While we hold no malice towards those who choose to use hard drugs, our policy ensures that our core membership focuses strictly on Cannabis & Hemp related topics. Restricting the use of hard drug terminology also prevents keyword searches from ranking our site in these areas.
SO all good :Namaste:
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