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Huge Rise in London Cannabis Farm Raids

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Home based cannabis farms are one of London's big growth industries, according to a new report from anti-drug campaigners DrugScope.

DrugScope say over 1,500 cannabis farms have been raided by London police in the last two years, up from 500 in the previous two-year period.

"There are significant implications for police resources in trying to keep up with the growers who are becoming increasingly smart in establishing new farms and avoiding arrest," said Harry Shapiro of DrugScope.

On a national level, it is estimated that fully 60 per cent of the cannabis sold in Britain comes from UK cannabis farms, compared with just 11 per cent ten years ago.

One explanation for the change is thought to be the arrival in recent years of Vietnamese-origin drug gangs, which, according to the DrugScope reort, account for around three-quarters of the home-based cannabis crop.

"Some of the Vietnamese growers have been smuggled over here, but they find themselves under the thumb of gangs who push them into working on cannabis farms," said the Met's Det Insp Neil Hutchison.

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