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I was in the Hydro store the other day and the guy gave me a handful of samples of Gravity, SSU and Purple Maxx (i may try them on one of my hempy plants, but not on my current grow).

The curious thing is, he said that Humbolt County's Own is not going to be sold anymore? Something about labeling issues. I have never used their product so I don't have a vested interest, but has anyone else heard this rumor?

I know some other nute companies are barred from sales in some states due to mislabeling as well.


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Anyone else heard anything about this? I just picked up some Snow Storm Ultra to try after seeing 420's results using it on his last grow.


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Rumor mill is that those are not going to be for sale in California; my local store cites no such end of supplies. I'm glad I got my SSU and Gravity though ;)


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great! just put this stuff (gravity) on the rest of my plants outside. the first plant i havested had a cola that weighed 24.1 grams wet and ended up weighing 9 grams dry Not sold in cali must mean cancer but whos doing a study on cannabis anyway fda wont? will they? I guess it could be because of run off issues. Did any one ever hear if they banned humbolt countys own in cali?
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