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Humidity control


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So I have 5 10x20 grow tents with the 32 slight undercurrent set up running 8000 watts led with 932 cfm exousting outside 932 cfm on low for intake my room outside the tents is around 73 degrees with 12.5 tons of ac and have 2 ultra aire 205 dehumidifiers running and they say 50 %rh but in my tents it is 80+ and 65 70 rh also I have a 95 pint dehumidifier in each tent



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If your pipes are sweating then cover them with insulation or something anything that could be adding humidity
My little 6 bucket rdwc does that because of the chiller I can se it adding to the problem

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Also. The answer to your question on whats going on, is your not using a "Orion industrial Dehumidifer". It runs off of 8 amps, has 437 cfm and will get your 'little' tent down to 0% RH if you wish :)

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