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Humidity problem

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Hi guys
i`m on day 50 of flowering and my humidity is now 50%-70%
temp is allways 22-27
do not have a humidifier

I would apreciate links to other ways to decrease humidity,
or just your advice...
heard about a soloution with just salt?
but how much to put and where?
can it lower me down to 45%?
silica gel?
somthing else? :)
thanks so much!


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Air conditioners will decrease humidity.

Dehumidifiers will of course do the same. Humidifiers add humidity.

There is a product called Damprid That I've used in my basement, which removes the humidity.
There are also reusable dehumidifying products, which are just reusable crystals that absorb humidity, and when full you plug it in to dry it off.
"Antics" suggestions is what I would tell you to the exact. I am using a A/C to maintain along with a 4lb bucket of damp-rid but in my opinion damp-rid is not the best for a garden because if there is an abundance of plant matter, that will naturally bring the humidity up therefor damp-rid just cant keep up to maintain sufficient RH levels. And yes there is that expensive option of a dehumidifier, I would leave that as a last resort. Hope this helps happy growing!