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Humidity problem


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Hi guys
i`m on day 50 of flowering and my humidity is now 50%-70%
temp is allways 22-27
do not have a humidifier

I would apreciate links to other ways to decrease humidity,
or just your advice...
heard about a soloution with just salt?
but how much to put and where?
can it lower me down to 45%?
silica gel?
somthing else? :)
thanks so much!


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"Antics" suggestions is what I would tell you to the exact. I am using a A/C to maintain along with a 4lb bucket of damp-rid but in my opinion damp-rid is not the best for a garden because if there is an abundance of plant matter, that will naturally bring the humidity up therefor damp-rid just cant keep up to maintain sufficient RH levels. And yes there is that expensive option of a dehumidifier, I would leave that as a last resort. Hope this helps happy growing!
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