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Hey what's up growers? Me, I'm not doing so good. Reason being is because I can't seem to tackle this humidity issue of mine. I bought an dehumidifier & I swear that thing doesn't do the job. I really haven't notice any humidity drop. I mean it may do a lil but nothing to brag about. I have my oscillating fan & I recently added a small fan to blow air in. I have a ducting running from the AC vent into the tent. Why or where is this humid air coming from? When the light is on it seems to go down to the 40's & that's where it needs to be. But when the lights are off the humidity goes up to like 57. I'm very concerned about having mold. No the humidity hasn't reached quite 60 but how can I get it to stay in the 40's? Thanks in advance.


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Does your dehumidifier have a setting for the desired humidity? If not it may be a default setting internally and it will not go any lower. The newer/high end dehumidifiers have a dial or digital display to adjust to desired humidity, you may have to return yours and get a better dehumidifier.
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