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hush needs flowering advice


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hey all

heres the deal. I got 3 lowrider autos with nice flowers starting a few days ago. I also have a few loboldt, fastbud autos fems that have no hair yet.

I switched the lighting to 12 today because the plant sizes will be to tall for my tent soon.......now I read that 12/12 will diminish quantity on the auto lowriders...but then I read that if you switch after they're this big, it doesnt matter?? so, I figured I have more invested, and more payback with the remaining Aurora indica(afghan x northern lights) and -BlzBud(G13 x Trainwreck) and LA Woman(martian mean green x LA Confidential) that are going to love to flower right now and get much bigger , maybe?

anyway, any insight, that someone has from personal experience could be shared and would be appreciated.

I'll try real hard to get some pics up tonight

I am smoking blzbud now and have to say it is in my top 3 of 30 years.
also got some Thai x Hawaiian- holy crap, what a ride. and both are real special lookers..and stinkers !

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