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Hy-Pro America Nutrients & Super Strains Seeds

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Hello all. GreenAlchemy here. So while at the 2014 Cannabis Cup in Denver a few months ago I met a lot new companies and saw a bunch of new products. What caught my eye was the Hy-Pro America booth. I worked in the European Marijuana Industry for nearly a decade and Hy-Pro is a staple in a lot of people's gardens all over the world.

So after talking with the American representatives ( Hy-Pro is a Dutch company winning awards the world over for 20+ years) I decided to grab a Terra starter pack. Complete with root stimulator(Root Defender), foliar spray(Spray Mix) one of the best out there, pH- (6-0-0 I like the fact that even the pH- has nutritional value), 1- component nutrient(Terra 2-5-5)

I have used these nutrients on multiple gardens with great results over in Amsterdam and Spain and I'm really happy that Hy-Pro is finally pushing into the American market.

Through some careful saving and networking is was able to get a hold of some Super Strains Seeds that I will using with this journal. I have a line on true Amnesia seeds and will start those beans off this winter. Knowing that Hy-Pro/Super Strains are the original breeders of Amnesia, I'm really excited to try these complimentary nutrients and genetics again but in the good 'ole USA.

So here's the plan. I have a 4x8 table with a bunch of different genetics on there a week away from the start of 12/12. Mostly Super Strains and I believe some Hindu Kush, Darkstar, and some small but rapidly growing so-called Tangie. Tangies came from some unknown source but we'll see.

I still have room for 3 more 4x8 tables. The next ones will probably be the Super Strains Enemy of the State and Amnesia (when I finally procure the seeds). The other tables I'm not quite sure yet.. Possibly a table of just a few selections of Super Strains auto-flowers.. We'll see, plenty of time, plenty of space..

If you have and ideas, suggestions, or comments let me know. I'm open and should be fairly active on the forums. Enjoy the week! Keep it Green!

P. S. - posting a few pics of the one table of mixed plants
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re: Hy-Pro America Nutrients & Super Strains Seeds

Hello. So I've finally moved some things around and now put the Super Strain plants, Hindu Kush, and Darkstar on one table and transplanted and moved the Tangies(??) into the veg room to get a little bigger.-

So the Super Strains plants(El Cucaracha, Enemy of the State and the Amajikoym) and Hindu Kush and Darkstar just went into 12/12 last night. Due to the extended build time on our room, the plants are a little big for their pots but that's okay. The next round will be much better now that everything is built and ready to go..-

The next round will be clones of the Enemy of the State and El Cucaracha. They have rooted and will be transplanted in the next day or 2

I have an outdoor plant of Bubba Kush x Tom Hills Haze (Bubba Tom Haze ) that's just in its 8th week of flower. Starting to get really big and stinky. It's says it's around a 10 weeker but it just started yellow the other day. I'm guessing more like 12 but we'll see. I have only used Hy-Pro Terra and Budswell on her and she is looking fantastic! Will drop a few photos of her today.-

Hope everyone is well and enjoys their weekend!

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re: Hy-Pro America Nutrients & Super Strains Seeds

Hello all. So the extended room is in the 3rd week of flower. Everything is starting to get real hairy. True the Hindu Kush and Darkstar are not Super Strains genetics. They're just to fill out the table on the first run during our build. The next round will be primarily Super Strains Seeds.

The outdoor Bubba Tom Haze is doing great. It may not be a Bubba Tom Haze seeing as the flower time is not correct with the 10 Weeks it recommends. Therefore from the limited info of where I got the plant, leads me to believe it's a pure saliva Tom Hills Haze. She is a 14 weeker and since it's on her 12 weeks and still going, think tthat's what she is. I germinated a bunch of beans for someone who forgot to label them properly before he gave me a few back. No worries

Well small update. Been busy. Check members galleries for picture update. Till next time!