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Hybrid Garden LED GPS Hortilux powerveg T5

Stay with HPS DE alone? Or go Hybrid?

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HazeMan1 here, I have carefully blended a formula of nutrients using organic plant based elements, Beneficials, and other essential micro nutrients as well. But, the lighting system I have set up using the minimum amount of cost put in. That being said it took me about 8 months to compile this Frankenstein. As an experienced grower, it was my agenda to show people the differences one can make on a budget and time to collect you can come out on top.

The lights themselves are comprised of two 1600 watt mars hydro LEDs, coupled with a strip of LEDs that are daisychained, three T5s 1 with 8 bulbs, 2 with 5. All of them are supporting hortilux powerveg bulbs. Finally, 3 1000watt hortilux High pressure sodium bulbs and ballasts with sun system hoods. All ventilated with a high power vaccum and cold air. CO2, and double filtered water though a small boy and an R/O. 6 Oscillating fans, and threes carbon filters. Two feeding tanks each able to hold 20 gallons, and 4 oxygenators two for each tank. Two A/C units one on each side. Two dehuhmidifiers one on each side. The plants themselves are on stainless steel multidirectional trays, and a shop vac for water drainage. My plants are all in coco, and I use teas and my special blend of nutes to keep them green. Stay tuned for insights on this new Frankenstein garden.

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Absolutely! Other people and their research pave ways to new forms of data. I have studied horticulture in every level of education from associates in horticulture, bachelors in biology, ecology and evolution, with two minors. One in horticulture, and one in agricultural economics. Now, I will be starting graduate studies to hunt down my masters. I greatly appreciate and understand the painstaking efforts others put into their work. I respect those willing to network and share in research. I will start a journal, post some pictures, and show you my last three weeks of growth until harvest. As that I am already in week six haha. Hopefully you will enjoy the information I have compiled.
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