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Hybrid grow

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Looking for some input on my new grow rooms. I have two rooms, both are 8x8x10. One room has a south facing 6' sliding glass door and a 4x4 venting skylight. I would like to put the available sunlight to use. I have the ability to black out all glass during non sunlight hours and/or when utilizing supplemental lighting. Security is also taken care of. So here are my questions: What if anything would others do with such an opportunity? Is there much to gain, especially during the summer growing season in Michigan? What supplemental lighting would I require during non sunlight hours (limited to 12 plants total by law) to maintain cycles and strong growth?

I realize I have more space then necessary but the rooms are here for use.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


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Lighting is a big deal. When indoors and in MI, MH/HPS are a huge boost to plant performance. The down side is equipment cost and the electric bill. However, 400 watts will adequately light a 4x4.

Is this a one time growth or a continues cultivation? You'll need an area and separate lighting for clones and mothers of strains. Have you figured out a drying strategy?

Just some ideas. Hope it helps.
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Was kinda hoping for a summer season grow utilizing sunlight/supplemental light to maintain cycles. Mostly because I'm cheap. I also have the option to move them into full sunlight outdoors if I'm around to tend them. Kinda pushing things legalwise but have a very private setting. May attempt an indoor winter grow and play with mother/veg/flower set up. All depends on my first harvest luck.

Thanks for the reponse.


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I've played with straight fluorescent in the beginning years ago. Cheap, low yield, but they can work. Might be a option for you.

If it's a summer exercise to gain skill and knowledge, I wouldn't worry about a full blown nursery. You can't go wrong with filtered water, adequate chems, and a solid lighting schedule.

Good Luck!
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I must be venturing into uncharted territory with this one. I'll try to keep a log for others on the off chance they may utilize similar methods.
Appreciate the responses I've received. Thank you.


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By all means MI, keep a grow journal. I'd be very interested if you can make a bio/artificial light coexistence produce good results.

Human visible light is just a small fragment of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Surely there's something we're missing using only artificial light. Even economically it makes good sense.

Good Luck MI!