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Does anyone know what will happen if I grow quality hybrids in the spring Hawaiian outdoors? Our summer's are very long. However don't hybrids have a internal clock that makes them flower also? Normally these mind strains are planted in the fall and first harvest is about November. This summer I will test some automatics and a few hybrids.


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Nope I think you are confusing Hybrids and Auto flowering.

Hybrid does not mean it does not follow normal cannabis life cycles.

Some strains fair better than others in places like Hawaii that does not have long days. So that makes the time of year for them a little preferred to be winter in Hawaii vs. summer. A hybrid may be combined from 2 strains that love to be grown there or from 2 that hate to be grown there or anywhere in between. But a hybrid is just taking different normal regular strains and making a combination of them. Preferably a properly back breed one that is stable.

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