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Hey, can anybody here help me score? I live in Secunderabad and would really appreciate some help!
Let me know anybody please.


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I hope its not from Arjans factory of seeds. He has been polluting the Cannabis Strains with his Dutch genetics wherever He has been going lately. He gives poor farmers seeds and than after they grow his strains pays them next to nothing for there finished products. The gene pool of landrace cannabis is being ruined for greed. Support Ace and Rubi and Cannabiogen and Charlie for seeds.

RD ;):peace::peace:


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Sometimes I wonder about these ‘where to score in India’ threads that pop up now and then. Seems sort of weird that anyone in India wanting to get high would be going to the trouble of getting online and posting that dangerous question publicly- in a forum full of far away westerners... So many better ways to find some smoke there, in a country of a billion people. Now if I was law enforcement with time on my hands, I’d probably throw around questions exactly like this. Why not? I’d be getting paid for my time baiting fishing lines, and might even get a few bites.
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