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Hydro or soil

devils letuce

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sup trap
from what i have read. bigger yield and faster growth with hydro but i keep reading that hydro dosent have the taste that soil does . i have asked this question but never got a response ..hopefully u will get an answer to that question for us .

devils letuce

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lol..heard that from my dad my whole life..


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Quality(higher thc) and quantity in hydro, more flavor in soil, is how I read it.

Fuzzy Duck

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Mmm i ran side by side grow with a soil organic nutrients vs hempy buckets hydro nutrients with perlite & vermculite with a strain to see if their was a taste difference !

To be honest they was very little...

On the other hand hydro shows faster growth rate when compared to soil but only in veg.

Yield rise most would suggest hydro is better by X % which can be strain related tho vs regular seed to F1 seeds as you may experience more phenotype occurrences with regular seed to that of a F1 hybrid seed which are more uniformed in characteristics !

As for THC content, each strain is off X % aprox THC value, unfortunately this does not change to method grown under...

Optimal THC production is achieved around 100% cloudy/milky trichome development but when trichomes start to turn amber the THC degrades into CBD/CBN etc etc etc these give a more couch lock effect...

After say that... if you seeking couch lock it is better to get a strain which produces more CBD/CBN aka indica dominate strain than rather increase flowering period length to force these traits which may in fact produce seed in the bud !

As seed in bud defeats the object of sensimilla (seedless bud)

The only thing i would watch out for with hydro is humidity levels :high-five:

A lot of water in hydro systems & that may increase humidity !

I would be more concerned with lights off humidity aka dark/night time for plants as humidity does rise ! (so keep extraction fan running 24/7)

Most good online weather reports may show humidity out doors and it should not be to much of an effort to find some thing suitable with these details - once observed, you will see a humidity change between day & night, this same effect occurs in your grow area...

These do effect relative humidity of the house or grow room etc

So it may depend on what sort of region of world you live in as in RH - relative humidity !


Deserts are dryer = lower humidity.

I live in a damp part of the world = higher humidity.

This all effects choice of equipment or grow style in the long run once you start thinking about ideal conditions of growing & equipment used !


Humidity 80% & higher will cause bud rot whilst in flowering over a prolonged period of time ! (not much of a problem in veg)

PM aka powdery mildew - normal associated with lack of air flow around plants which may increase humidity in a micro climate scale (technical term) so fans are used in side of grow area to circulate air.

Fuzzy Duck

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outstanding info fuzzy duck..I have high humidity in my part of the world!
Ye check RH when ya lights first come on and that should give an idea of lights off/ dark, night time RH ! ( it may varie a little depending on weather conditions)

IF RH is above 80% during lights off you may wish to think about running a dehumidifier during lights off but mainly in the flowering cycle, unfortunately they do increase heat/temp & increase electric bill...

So it may be fine line to draw ?
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