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Hydro PPP Early Training Clones Topping and Crimping.


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This time I start with my own clones taken from one Pure Power Plant in two weeks of flowering, five clones takes about three weeks to root using Gold orange Replicator from Duch master and plain water to feed and spray
I'll use Flora nova lucas fromula with RO
Veg Under 125w CFL
Flowering under 180w LED

2ml/g 1 week after rooting
4ml/g + 1ml/g cali-magic 2 week
8ml/g + 2.5ml/g cali-magic + additives 3 week

Fresh cut

2 week Flowering like the mom

Their mom

3 week first signs of root Time to top my clones but I let one with out top to top it later to see the differences

I also took one os the clones apart and removes the old leaves and keep new grows

week #4 noticeable root all my colnes are in DWC two plants per one gallon container and one by it self I know it will be a problem to move to a new system when they get bigger roots but I will try to flowering early and change the water frequently.


I also start trying a super cropping method knows as a "CRIMPING" you can notice the node between the plant where I bend and brake the inner cells of the plant without to damage too much the outside

This is my topped clones after 4 weeks this one have been crimping too.

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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.
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