Hydro Shop + Head Shop

JJ Bones

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I work for a hydroponic store and I just wanted the great 420magazine members opinions as, you're all my demographic!

How would you feel about a hydro store that also sold pipes, bongs etc.

Good idea, bad idea? Why, why not?

I'm in California, so cops aren't as big of a deal as if this were a shop in Texas for example.

Any insight, is greatly appreciated! :Namaste:


Maybe making a small selection of discretely displayed accessories available - the go to stuff when you want dependable quality (a particular CA made grinder comes to mind but not exclusively just that) but another thought is that folks aren't usually heading to the hydro store for stuff as things are curing.

JJ Bones

Nug of the Month: Feb 2013
Thanks for your input guys.

We know when people are finishing, it's the perfect time to maybe say, "Hey, you're going to be finishing, need anything to smoke out of?"


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bad idea, although hydro shops aren't generally harassed in CA. This is a federal issue, hydroponics has other legal uses besides cultivating mmj, thats their defense. Add a bong and now theres very little defense.
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