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Hydro vs Organic


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The Main post here is a little bit misguided....your comparing apples to oranges....
+REPs for beating me to it, lol.


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I will strongly disagree with the main post as well, totally misleading, plus I dont understand how people can say its organic and in the same sentence say they feed with GH, DYNA ect ect, you are putting the same nutes as hydro, so, whats so organic, I seen some super soil grows, 100% organic but yeild potency ect are nothing compared to a proper scrog ebb or dwc, Back in the golden days 90's hydro was almost unheard of and pushed the price up, I think people saying soil is better in anyway, either they dont have a great hydro grower near by, or just cant afford the care, and or lack the knowledge. I see these threads get crazy out of control because BOTH techniques are great, when done with a skilled grower, and really thats what it boils down to SKILL, the medium is just a small part, Hydro is by far the most complicated and when ran proper best EVERYTHING, ask the pros in the netherlands that have been growing comercially for what 40 years now! I will STRONGLY argue that hydro is total control, so you can push the strain to its greatest. Just my opinion!


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yeah, I'm an old kansas dirt farmer too. love the smell of the earth. Healthy and alive. I'm a little wormaphobic so I don't touch any of the critters but I want to know they r there. Not inside,either


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premiere pro mix bx soil has mycorrhizae is already in it with macro nutrients and micronutes. that feed up to 4 weeks. this soil also has a ph balancer so u do not have to worry about the ph in your soil for a good while. if u read up on all the info on it on google sites u will see how this soil takes care of the plant by itself almost.
i swear by this kind and refuse to use any other kind. happy growings!


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can anyone tell me the best nutrients for soil growing? thanks
Look up High Brix growing, that is where you will bring the most out of your plant. Its all about what's in your soil and how well it is fortified and mineralized. That will get you the best results.


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One CAN grow organic hydro though, which will produce the taste , aroma, and burn factor us med patients are looking for.
And NOT to tick anyone off....but i've been using hydro from day one. Sure, it took me about 18 months to get it right (proper lights, nutse, hydro units, etc) and proceeds from first harvest paid back every penny...for me anyways...it's been a very economical way to grow top-notch meds. As with any gardening, one should have a schedule of sorts...and hydro allows me to keep pest control in check, keep precise tabs on ph...yadda yadda...
Ive posted my last two crops on 420Mag site...and I JUST harvested my WonderWoman (flowered my mother plant AFTER i got good clones a few times first...lol) AND...MobyDick, another mother properly cloned...) after 9 hours of trimming...(((WHEW))) they are hanging before b/paper bag final dry...hee hee hee ...then, cure in jars...and TASTE the bountiful fruits of my labor....and share w/my patients too!
...i just finished my last jibbie from my last crop of PurpleHaze...heh heh heh...can ya tell?


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according to ADVANCE NUTRIENTS, one can now get the yield and organic potentcy of organic soil by using : ORGANIC ADVANCE NUTRIENTS IGUANA LINE UP. THey also have a calculator to personalize for your very own "ORGANIC HYDRO GROW".. they swear that you'll get "SOIL" derivatives from this organic lineup.. just throwing that in the fire.
I use a Hydro system, yes water timers make life easy in the fact that i never forget to water ;-).
Using G.O. the organic sister of General hydroponics, seems to be ok though the PH can jump on you if you don't pay attention.
This will be my first grow, things are going well i believe but, i will have wait and see how she taste!
" the point of this post of mine was to point out i think non-organic Nutrients are easier to work with but for lack of taste."


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Thanks for sharing the information about the different growth rate and yield of hydroponic and organic growing process.

i gotta add another 2 cents here...
in final week or so....have 2 mothers (White Rhino) which are looking AWESOME...pics to follow
last harvest was dismal...as i FORGOT to replace the HPS bulb (yup...depending on what bulb you get...some will last 1-2 bloom cycles...others 2-3 ...but...it make TOTAL sens to replace bulbs PER GROW...as the lights decrease effectivness from day one...and an old bulb WILL effect your growth, harvest and taste) best way to tell if your flower lamp is past its prime...is when your buds DO NOT "get frosty" or "sugar coated"...you know...
ANYWAY...with new bulb...natural nutes...and attention to your girlz...hydro is by far the easiest to work with.

Yet another way to increase harvest is to "micro farm" (bending branches to expose lower buds) and careful 'pruning" during veg cycle...

This works REALLY well...i've gone from MAYBE 2-3 ounces from 2 plants to 9-10 ounces of excellent bud using these methods! Trial and error folks...but in the end....heh heh heh...it IS worth it! :)

Timers for lights is usually enough...as my hydro system uses a "drip" method for feeding...
i can replentish nutes as needed...and avoid problems that are inherant with soil....root rot, lousey ph, bugs...
ALL of my last 4 grows were totallt bug free/desease free...and except for a minor ph foul up (my bad) it is a very good way to go. Also, a grow guru friend advises that soil SHOULD be replaced after 1 grow (maybe 2 if you push it) he states that soil becomes "weak" and "drained" after a couple grows...and has SHOWN me the differences in soil used once or twice to soil used over and over.
A full hydro system is easily cleaned and prepped after each harvest.
SO.....i wish yall success....


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Has anyone tried General Organics line? I am thinking of buying the GO Box and was wondering how it holds up to their General Hydroponics line?


Hey folks, first time grower here. Ive been doing a lot of research and watching my dad on growing and finally gonna start my own here in a few weeks.
Im still on the fence as to wether im gonna go soil or not, but leaning a lil towards hydro. I think im gonna do a 2 plant ScrOg in a pantry cabinet with a 30''x24''x56'' grow space.
Anyways, the questions i have concerning ScrOg'ing with hydro is; I understand you need to periodically left the lid off your hydro bucket for care duties and root inspection etc... Having a screen with a bunch of branches consuming it, how do i get around lifting the lid up to pull the bucket out?
Also, with a limited grow space, I fear with the quickness and effectiveness in growth of hydro, is it gonna be difficult to control?

Thanx for any and all responses


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I have to respectfully disagree that hydroponics will yield higher than organics. There is a difference between growth rate and the yield. Because something grows faster does not mean it yields more in the same space. If you factor in time for veg growth, hydroponics will have the edge in yield. If you have a separate veg area, that timing issue is irrelevant.

Having greater aromatics is a matter of opinion and relative to growing skill and methods. When done correctly, organics (organic nutrients, soilless mixes) produce buds that smell just as strong as those grown hydroponically. I will concede that hydro-grown plants do have a slightly faster growth rate, but to solidly state that they yield more overall, I believe is misleading.

The reason that I switched to organics was because I didn't see enough difference in either growth or anything else to warrant the need for so much monitoring and expensive meters and nutrients. I think that the only provable plus to hydroponics is growth rate.Whereas the cons are chemical aftertaste in the flavour of buds, extreme susceptibility to over/under fertilization, very high initial investment, many things to break and clog, etc.

If grown in a nice airy organic soil mix and watered with good organic amendments, growth enhancers and beneficial fungi (mycorrhizae), you will easily compete with that of a hydroponic system. Your end result will be full flavored, non-chemical tasting buds. They can be arguably, slightly more potent due to the fact that, as of now, science cannot compete with Mother Nature and naturally occurring elements.

Bottom line - unless you are obsessed with fittings, toys and technology (and many are) organics can grow nearly as fast, just as big (if not bigger), better tasting and IMHO more potent buds. And they do this with very little initial investment, and are very forgiving of newbie mistakes.

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I wholeheartedly disagree that hydro isn't just as good as organics. I not talking yield but taste and whatnot in my buds is nonexistent. To be completely honest the only trouble i have growing is when i am not using hydro because of how simple it is. I am working on soil now so i can start high brix grows. But back on subject you can buy completely organic materials for hydro and if used correctly your buds will taste like a dream. Another side not is that most people do not wash their buds after harvest before drying. Doc Bud has an excellent washing method with lemon juice (citric acid) and baking soda in water, then in ro water, and in ro water again. It was used for his grows because of the foliar feeding done constantly but anyone can benefit from this. I have and my buds are delightful.


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Evidence for great yields per 600w light is smokeemups organic grows in just a 30L-9.6gallon pot. 10oz to 16oz for one plant. Amazing results. I am pretty sure with my organic critical 47 and trainwreck going now, I will get 10oz for one plant under 1 600w light.
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