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Hydro White Rhino

Wild Heart

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Bucket Size - 6''x6''x6''
Medium - Rockwool
Lights - (2) 2'x1' T5 each unit making 96 watts
Nutrients - Humboldt A and B and Humboldt Ginormous bloom
Strain - White rhino

Ok so I'm going to put up my white rhino journal only been keeping track since day 21 of flower so here it is.

Day 21 12/12



Finally starting to look like weed haha. I can see plant matter building under the hairs cant wait till she bulks up.

Day 29 12/12



Starting to get that danky smell everytime I walk in the room. Just passed the halfway mark and Icant wait to smoke her. Also moved her into the main tank with some low grade females behind her dont worry about them.

Wild Heart

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Ah I forgot to mention I defoliated between day 21 and 29 of flower and I have trimmed most of the biger leafs sine. I should have up to date pictures tonight.


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Nice looking plant Acideye420 your a little way in front of me im 20 days into 12/12 im growing a plant called Hammerhead = Genotype: White Rhino x Medicine Man
So i will be watching to see how your sexy White Rhino turns out :goodluck:

Wild Heart

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Thanks guys I have been putting so much into this grow. Todays day 35 of 12/12 so heres some pics. Oh the third pic is always going to be the same budsite.

Day 35 12/12




I love how much the buds are swelling. I have decided that im goin to regenerate this girl after shes done with this round. Also I got some blue dream from a buddy of mine thats a heavy heavy indica and this post has taken me about an hour because of it. :tokin: Very good meds all the pain in my back is gone and I am actually going to get a good nights sleep.

Wild Heart

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Hope everyone had a good 420 I sure as shit did. My next gen grapefruit aka dynamite seeds came in the mail yesterday. Got 5 fem seeds that are currently germenating. Also I got a buddha syrup and white dwarf auto fem. I'm not going to have enough room in my closet. Has anyone grew an autoflower outside or should I just save em till I have room?


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Sounds like you had a great day bro. I was looking at that syrup strain. Looked pretty good. I haven't grown outdoors or seen anybody that has had one outdoors yet, but most of the plants are supposed to do well on balconies, patios, etc. by what the descriptions say most of the time. I say give it a go with a few of them and see what happens. If they start looking bad, bring them inside. I can almost guarantee you'll get a better quality by the natural sunlight. Plant them in containers, 2 liter pots should do fine do to the dwarf height. I have all of my autos in 2L pots and it's enough room.

Wild Heart

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Things are coming along good the colas are starting to fill in fully and the trichs are 50/50 clear/cloudy with an amber here and there. Also all 5 of the dynamite seeds and the 2 autoflowers germed just put them in the peat pots with coco.

Wild Heart

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Alright so shes starting week 7 of flowering and shit has she filled in. The colas are actually colas now instead of little buds on a stick haha.

Day 42 12/12




See? Just about 2 more weeks the trichs are 20% clear 70% cloudy and 10% amber. Also im putting the dynamite, white dwarf and syrup strains in a new journal be sure to check it out.
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