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Hydrogen peroxide


Hello everyone
I have a few questions about hydrogen peroxide. (H2O2 ?)
I think it's got an extra oxygen molecule.
Anyway. Here's my questions.
How much do you mix with 1 ltr of water
How often should it be used
What are the risks involved
What are the benefits
Use during flowering? or veg? or both
Okay to use on autos? Photos?

My set up
Soil coco mix in 3 gallon pots
Worm casting top dressed
900 watts of Mars LED 18/6 cycle
PH constant at about 6.4
Not using any nutes
All info is appreciated
Thanks and happy father's day Day to all you dads

Chris Scorpio

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Why are u wanting to use it?

What are the benefits you expect?

I use it to clean stuff, but never use it in my Hempy, soil or DWC

Maybe others do, not sure. I know some use it in DWC but I use hydroguard and z7 for goopies and enzyme cleaners


I was just wondering about using it. I read a thread about it a while ago and was under the impression that the extra oxygen molecule would be beneficial to the root system. Just looking for more input from my grower friends.

Tony Urban

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420 Staff
It depends on the strength of your H2O2.

I mix at a 10:1 ratio, for a disinfectant, but that’s the 29% technical grade stuff. I use that to spray baby toys, as a soil drench to kill fungus gnat larvae, and to start seeds or clones. There is a bit of a spreadsheet out there somewhere on what ratios to use for different things at different concentrations.

A weaker solution is used when I fill buckets for watering. It helps speed up the dechlorination process.


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I have the Growtek Super Oxy H202 35% .
1 drop per 4 litres water for seedlings
2-5 drops for established plants.
Once plants are larger I use 1mil per 4 litres of water.

Here is the info on the container.
It can help stimulate protein production
Thicker stems
Larger leaves
Shorter internodal spacing
Promotes a strong root system
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