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Hydrohut or similar tent?- any comments or experience with


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Hi all, love the site! And you guys and gals really know your shit. :slide::439: I was considering picking up a Hydrohut and was wondering if anyone had any experience with, and maybe some pros / cons. It makes sense for me :smokin: I wanted to expand a bit ( not at home, this place would be bad) and a friend and I were considering maybe a 4x4x7 ( or round about) Any heat or ventilation problems? Going with a Ebb n Flow - Ideal? 600 MH good enough? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. STAY GREEN!


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I love my Secret Jardin Dark Room DR150W. No light leaks. No off gassing. Easy to build and comes with carrying bag( for those interested in carrying yours around) Plenty of vent ports. Good support for lights/fans/filters. Check the grow out in my signature to see it in action.


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:thanks: McBudz! That's the one I was looking at getting. How big is yours? Lighting? My bud has a perfect place for it, can't wait to get started!


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I use a Habitat44 grow tent which is 53"x53"x7' with a 1000W HPS,8" Can Fan & 6" Can fan hooked up to a Goblin Carbon Filter

I love the fat nuggets the 1000 gives me but the heat is killing me. I am going to add a portable air conditioner this summer so that I can actually keep the tent closed.

Why are you planning on using a grow tent? I use one because I live in a condo and would like my grow setup to look like a portable wardrobe from WalMart :roorrip: I'm gonna get back into the suburbs next year and then I can do a major grow. This grow tent is just practice until I can devote an entire basement to my buds :439:

Now go buy the tent and start growing :48:
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