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So I am taking the leap and going hydro. I just bought a used stealth RO200 system and I have NO idea how to set it up. The manual was not in the box and the only .pdf i could find online has some info being blocked by the illustrations. I get where to attach my garden hose but I have no idea which outlet tube is waste and which is the filtered stream. Also, I have no idea how to hook this thing up to a reservoir tank that will refill automatically when the water runs low. I was also told by a hydro guy that the membranes are probably bad because the system was disconnected and idle in a garage for about a month or so. Any truth to this? Any help would be appreciated, many thanks in advance.
Not sure on the output, but yes, I would change the membranes, Mainly because that way you know exactly how used they are, and dont have to guess.. also to hook it up to a res. You just need to use a float switch that you may be able to find at a home depot or somewhere that sells or services ac, and swampcooler units.. It shouldnt be to tough to do, just a little work.. If you can get ahold of the electric style float switches like the ones used in the ebb & grow systems, that would probably be best. Theyre a bit more $, But are well worth it..
Also, Have you tried contacting the manufacture of the unit? they may be able to send you a manual, or any info on it you may need..
If you dont have time to spend looking around, send me the info on the unit and Ill see if I can find you some more info, and maybe a parts list for the float setup.. Ive got lots of time, been unemployed for about a year, and cant work from a botched back surgery..
Good luck bro, and keep on growing..
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Hey Tripp,

thanks for the response sir. I have scoured the nets looking for info on this system and I have contacted the manufacturer who supplied me with a .pdf file that was not of much help at all. Thank you for clearing up the membrane issue and pointing me in the direction of an electronic float valve as I will definitely look into that. However I am still stumped as to which "out" line is the waste and which line should flow into the res. Also, with a RO water system, is there any particular way to dispose of the waste water? Is it safe for the environment to dispose of on my front lawn?