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Hydroponic cucumbers


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Update ; Checked my calendar after the new year & added up the count
I have picked 49 6-8" cucumbers = almost 9 lbs
The plants has shoot out some side branches & is still producing cucumbers

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get over 9 lbs of pot off of 2 plants

Not pot but almost as good when you can eat a fresh picked vegetable, in the dead of winter in the great white north


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how impressive is that??

beauties,, me missus would be drooling over those,,

good stuff brewster,, cheers


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First hydro & seems to be working on the bare basics rain water & Future Harvest Holland Secret 3 part Nothing else
went back to a early grow formula & seem to be giving another growth spurt


Photo of the Month: Oct 2018
I see you are in Kelowna, Should be lots of Greenhouses growing cucumbers or did they all switch over to pot:rollit:

Hard to find a good fresh store bought cuc , in the winter here in Regina
funny you say that as i was thinking about and going to mention all the greenhouse growing for veggies these days,, dunno about hydro, but possibly.

not round here tho,, mostly the lower mainland,, acres and acres of em,, tomatoes and probably cukes too

yes, pot is becoming very big round here. a friend outa vernon has a huge pet pot food going,, true leaf i believe,, sells all over the world,, he's going to be massive


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Update well the cucumbers are pretty well for done , picked my last cucumber on Sunday #69
for a total of 219.8 ounces , 13.75 pounds or 6.23 kilograms Not too bad almost 7lbs a plant, I get about 10 lbs per plant outside in the summer
Started last week in Sept. till Feb 18 about 23 weeks used rain water & a little tap water in homemade hydro tote
Had no root problems except some staining
Well time to start the yearly spring flower & vegetable seedlings anyways


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Brewsterman, that is a great root mass and the fruit look fantastic. Have you had a chance to taste any of them yet?
They are almost all gone ate the first on Oct 29 got 3 left They make the store bought ones look sad
Super crunchy no seeds, no need to pollenate. not as sweet as soil growen outside but taster than the ones in the stores
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