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Hydroponic Gorilla Glue In A 7 Gall DWC Setup


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Well the gorilla glue is ready to harvest. The buds are super bulky and thick thanks to the new light. I don’t expect a large yeald hoping for 3 oz but we will see I’m going to start the glide for 1 week then it’s done.

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New to the site officially, previosly was just looking & reading. After 3 healthy soil grows I decided have a go at DWC. Getting my stuff together now. I'll be watching & asking. Glad to be on board from the start.


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Yeah I did Armor Si, Calmag, Hydroguard, Orca, then Micro, grow bloom. After it was all said and done my ppm's were through the roof! Like 1000 I was afraid I was too much, but I check this morning and the plants didn't seem to mind at all, water level dropped, ph rose just a tiny bit and ppm dropped a bit. According to the chart it's a normal spot.

I know this grow is complete probs , I haven't gotten reading yet ,but I read to do the Cali/ silica 3 days after feeding ( the bloom , grow, etc .) to prevent burn,shock, over nute, have you tried feeding twice a week instead of once to prevent the tds from jumping too quickly?
Hope all is well in your world.

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