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Hydrosoil: Bluedream & Super Skunk Auto Grow Journal 2019


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Where is the water level in the container? Can you lower it any?
I could try to suck some out but I believe it’s at a mud consistency which is causing gases to build up in the soil. Plus my heat issues during lights on is adding to this issue. I am letting go of the closed system with the Bluedream. I feel like letting some of that water drain out of the bottom may be beneficial to the root zone parts if not all aren’t getting sufficient oxygen. If this is the case hopefully by in the am when the lights are back on they will have regained some composure. Yesterday this started I could see some droopage but didn’t want to act to fast. So today I noticed no growth at all and I’m was like hmmm that’s old seeing as though she should be in here stretch phase. I was going to wait until in the morning but if it’s a root issue I needed to do something ASAP. I drilled a few holes in the bottom to let the water drain out. Didn’t have nasty or musty smell however it was a little off. Which tells me the roots were on there way to sour town!


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