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Hyperluv's 1st Offical Grow Coco-Perlite Multiple Autos T5 & PS1000 LED - 2016


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Hi All, here goes my official 1st grow. I had an unplanned grow with some bags seeds that produced crap so far (spider mites, transplant shock, males which I thought were females, etc..). In fact, the one plant and two clones I have left are still growing. They went to veg from flower twice already. Damn photoperiods lol. Anyway... that was grow #0. Together with what I learned from that disaster, doing research on the webs (420 Magazine included), and buying proper stuff, I am ready to start over now.

Pics of grow #zero. PS 500 and Mars 300 in laundry room



Ok back to the new grow and what I will be using...

Tents: Two 5'x5' from Apollo horticulture
Veg Tent Lights: Two T5 lamps with four 54W 4' bulbs each (Bulbs in each housing - 6500K, Actinic 460nm, Eye Hortilux PowerVeg, 6500K)
Flower Tent Lights: Perfect Sun 1000
Fabric Pot Size: 3 gallon
Medium: 80% Coco coir 20% Perlite mixed with 1/4 cup of sand
Nutrients: Cal Mag Plus, FloraNova Grow/Bloom, Roots Excelerator, Voodoo Juice, Superthrive, Floralicious Plus, Armor Si, & Monster Bloom
Auto Strains: AK-47, Mazar, Bluetooth, Critical Thunder, Electric Fruit, & Lemon Haze
# of Plants: 6 (+ 3 bell peppers - my temp/nutes/lights guinea pigs :))

Pic of feeding schedule. I may have to adjust a ml here and there depends on actual PPMs and how the plants are reacting to it.

I popped all of the seeds using the paper towel method with RO water (PH 5.8). I placed them in individual ziplock bags, put all of them into a paper bag, and then placed them in my Veg tent for 3 days. Interesting how some strains had longer tap roots than the others.


Then I prepared 1.5" and 4" rockwool cubes with 2ml Cal Mag, 0.5ml Floranova Bloom, 0.5ml Roots Excelerator, and 0.5ml of Voodoo Juice. The coco coir perlite mix (80/20) was prepared two days before with 2ml of Cal Mag plus and RO water with PH at 5.8. A week before that, I flushed the coco/perlite mix with tap water numerous times. The mix also has a 1/4 cup of sand (I hate gnats) along with a 3/4 cup layer at the bottom of each pot.


Once I got the rockwool in the coco, I added a layer of clay pebbles to the top. I wanted to add something to keep the coco from shifting around every time I water. Could not add a thick layer yet since the plants are too tiny. Hence, why the rockwool is visible.


Here are the seedlings in the veg tent.




My flower tent is a work in progress. The Light Rail is up, but I need to work on it a little more to make sure it does not come falling down after I get the PS1000 on there. Trying to get the light as high as I can in the tent. Since my 4" iPower fan is being used in the laundry room right now, I will see how the temps/humidity will be with just an oscillating fan and dehumidifier in there.



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DAY 2: All is going well. Feeding 500ml (around 2oz) of water with 2ml Cal Mag, 1ml FloraNova Bloom, 0.5ml Root Excelerator, 1ml Voodoo Juice, and 1/8tsp Superthrive.


Water/nutrients ready for the week.



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Day 4: Temperature was all over the place today 70F to 88F. Only change was I lowered AC by 1 degree because I thought the room was getting to hot. Changed the AC setting back. I also raised the lights up about an inch and added a small oscillating fan in the tent. All plants seem to be doing fine regardless.



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I Have to Be Honest here and say, "Holy Shight Brother Grower" I've seen some pretty intense Grow Ops in my day but This One Is
about as Descriptive and Precise as they come. So Let me start off by saying, "Thank You Very Much" for putting the Time and Effort that it took & Takes to put a Grow Journal Like Yours Here together. I'm Not even close to your precise charts etc etc. So I LEARN from Other Growers too. Even 1st Time Growers have something to teach Veteran Growers I Know I see it All the time. I'm Certain that I'll pick up at least a few tips and tricks from this Very Journal. I do what I can to Let ALL Growers especially NEW ONE'S Just How Much Input & Advice that You Truly Provide here on :420: So Please Continue to do so. Oh & Seriously Brother Grower, This Journal Is Tight Bro Very Impressed!
I'm at present trying to Grow these 3 Purple Ryder # 2 Feminized Autoz (as I fondly refer to them) Also my first attempt at Growing Autoz.
I just kept hearing from Local Brother & Sister Growers that these Autoz are Quite Amazing! So when I attended the 2016 Lift Cannabis Expo here in Toronto Canada I just Had to pick up a 3 pack of these Purple Ryder's as they looked Very Impressive in The Joint Doctor
(from the UK's) Catalog. I should have kept them on 24 hour lighting I believe for @ least another week and I'd have probably Bushed them out a bit more. Oh well, I'll just have to get my shight together and pay closer attention to my little Ladies, Evey,Stevey & Precilla.
I've Found it Really Is True that if you chat up your Plants they WILL Respond to it and Also the Music is Mucho Important to the Girlz too
I'm certain they Love their Old School Classic Rock. Thanks Again Brother Grower I'll be paying close attention to this Grow as I said "I'll learn from this one to be sure" & I am just Dying to see how All of your strains turn out. I'll No Doubt be Growing 1 or 2 of those strains down the road eh!

"I wish you the Greenest of Grows & Heaviest of Harvest's Always"

Sincerely: Don D.:Namaste: :green_heart: :Namaste: :welcome: & :bravo: :welldone: & :thanks:


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Thanks for the kind words DonJuanaGrow. Glad I can help even though I am a newbie grower.

Ha.. ha... well the plants are alive so I too find myself talking to them at times. Plus they get CO2 from you when you spend time with them.

A big shout out and double peace to LEDRF. I am basically following a lot of what he does on his YouTube channel (grow pot cheaply) with a little of my own trial and error. :9:


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Day 5: Plants are doing fine.


Temps in the tent still fluctuate from 70F to 88F. I am thinking it's ok. I raised the T5s a little after I noticed the leaf temperatures were around 86F when the tent was 80F. It seems be closer to tent temperature now.



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Day 6: All is going good so far. I saw one gnat flying around. Hopefully it will get caught by the sticky paper. Planning on covering all vents with some screens to keep bugs out of the tent.



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Day 8: nutrients were bumped up for week 2. All plants are doing good.
2ml CalMag plus; 2.5ml FloraNova Grow; 1ml Roots Excelerator; 1ml Voodoo Juice; 1/8 tsp Superthrive; 0.5ml Floralicious; 0.5 Armor Si



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My Perfect Sun 1000 LED is now in the flower tent. So far the tent is holding up the light ok. There is a slight sag of the frame at the right/left walls, but you cannot notice it that much. I placed a crash pad below it just in case. :9:

To mount the light, I added some 3M type double sided sticky tape to the light rail and attached to bar with some zip ties. Then I created some wooden braces for each end and the middle. After that, I mounted the robostick and light hangers. I used the light hangers to pull the PS1000 from the floor. The last thing I did was to use a level to make sure everything was straight while standing still and in motion.






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Thanks all. Sure Pat999 - all are welcomed to come along for the ride.

Day 9: Temps spiked to 90F today. All of the plants are still looking ok though. The Lemon Haze seems to be lagging behind the other plants in terms of growth. Will see how it goes.



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Day 10: All seems to be going well despite the slightly higher temps. I left the door open in the room where the tents are and turned on the ceiling fan so the air can move around more outside of the tent. It was feeling very humid when the door was closed. Must be because the AC is not kicking on anymore since it is getting cooler outside now. Inside the tent I aimed the oscillating fan a little bit more towards the plants instead of blowing air at just the fabric pots and walls.

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