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Hyrdo setup for upcomming cabinet- Suggestions?


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I started putting together the aeroponic/hydro setup for my cabinet. The main chamber will hold 10 to 15 gallons comfortably.

I used 5in net pots as I can only have 4 mature plants so SOG is out of the question :( I did a varation of many systems but mainly from the stinkbud setup I guess. My plan is to flood the chamber with the misters and drain back out into another rez.

ALthough, I didn't know if 10 gallons was enough to circulate or should I step up to 15? If I do that I can just get a tote that is solid colored so I don't have to seal it from the light. I went with this tote because it best fit my space and constraints.
Here is a pick of the inside...

oneof it in action..

They seem to be getting excellent coverage. So the questions I have are one on timing. I've read quite a few posts that suggest 1 on 5 min off and 15 min on ..ect..which is terribly hard on the pumps. With a setup like this where the water drains completely off wouldn't it be better to go with a flood/drain approach. Letting the pump drain the rez till it is empty (just enough to keep the pump wet) say like 3 times a day? Or with lots of short sprayings?
Just in the time I was typing this I decided I would go with 15 gallons so I can atleast get 10 to go through the growing rez and keep the pump wet then I can get a solid tote and cut down some work for me.
I plan on setting the fill rez outside my cabinet so I can do water changes/temp/ph/tds tests.
So is this going to work or did I just waste a bunch of time and money *cringe*
Oh I went to the automotive store and got some platic primer and plastic spray paint (should be alittle heavier product) to do the inside rez with.

While i"m at it I also made a small cloner that should fit under a DIY 4 cfl's which I figure I might end up going clone to flower but I'm not sure as I have some vertical grow space. Here are the pics for it ..I plan on running it 24/7 to start..

Here is the light I wired up with parts from Lowe Hardware

There should be a link to the cabinetin myu sig


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Was hoping for some input. I've went with a larger containter to hold the nutes. So basicly a ebbandflow,bubbponics unit with a seperate rez. I was wondering if I should move the tubing for the spray heads up underneath the lid and point the spray heads down. Would this help in the future when the roots are massive and looking for places to go i.e inside the spray head.
I figured why glue it all together when I can leave it unglued and be able to change it. Got my bulkhead fitting today to put into the bottom.
More updates to come


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Anyone with thoughts, ideas, critisim, ect?

Working on the cabinet currently will update this thread soon with hyrdo improvements and installation....

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Yeap, your gonna want to get the black paint out and give it a couple of coats on the outside. Lid too.
I run my pump 24/7 using Clonex Solution. . Your going to want to get a res. temp. gauge also. Also if you got some type of clear dome you can put over it to keep moisture inside, that is a plus also.


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I don't use aero, but I can safely say that your main unit will be crowded to the point of problems. Another user on here did a fantastic journal with aero a while back, actually one of the only successful ones I have seen. When it works, it seems to work very well. But definitely ditch the clear containers. You will get algae and root rot.


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I've looked through a few journals now but not sure of the one your refering to. I should point out that I will only keep 4 adults in that tote but put in the space for a few more incase I want to grow from seed so I have alittle space to sort out potential males. I guess if I have to I could just cut it down to 2 which would enable them to become monsters? in the cabinet space?
After thinking about it last night i've decided I"m going to move the nutrient delivery system to the top with the sprayers pointed down as then it won't interfer with root development.
I don't know if I mention before SokeyMcMedic but I"m planning on painting the totes with automotive outdoor spray paint with a primer that is designed for the application. I"ll let everyone know how that turns out once I get alittle warmer weather. I might get away with trying to do the cloner today but have plans on hanging the light and installing the duct work in the cabinet.

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Thanks for the link it has been a real learning experience for me which for some odd reason I thrive upon :)

Painted the totes with the white plastic spray paint and belive I have enough coats now that it is effectively reflecting/blocking out the majority of light.

I also modified the plumbing so that it is up next to the cups with the spray heads pointing down. I thought that this would provide more room for roots and prevent the roots from crawling into the spray heads. Now I'm just trying to decided wether to leave some of the solution in the bottom of the tub for emergencies. I might have to end up putting a pump in there to push the water back to the rez as I don't htink there will be enough height difference to push it back. Well see when I get the cabinet into it's final resting place not this weekend but next.

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Don't use clear reservoirs, that's the quickest way to get root rot.
You are correct, in using coloured tubs will prevent root rot, but you failed to say that you can still grow with clear tubs. I use clear tubs and don't have a problem. I add about 5-10ml of H2O2 to the solution I'm using. So far I don't have any problems. And no algae. If you risne once a week, clean tubs and refill I don't see why there would be a problem. I'm doing fine so far. Will let you know.


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What size CFL are you putting in there? 4x23 watt will not be enough, I would recommend you use the smallest diameter pipe possible to maintain pressure, that is a problem in aero setups. Also you will probably need more space for the roots I suggest taking another tub and placing your tub on top of the new tub and cutting out the top of the new tub to fit the bottom of the old. You will then need to cover the sides and in between the root masses of plants.
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