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I’ve messed up the light cycles: shall I invest time in this plant or it’s a lost cause?


Hi Guys,
I’ve messed up the light cycles of the plant below. It’s Blueberry Auto, outdoors, 28 days old since sprouting. Maybe you are thinking how have I messed up the light cycle if it’s outdoors? Well, for the first two weeks the plant was totally dependable on the daylight (14hours), but in the meantime I was keeping a new seedling under a lamp. So I decided to put the Blueberry under the same lamp so I can boost it’s growth and for a couple of days it was getting 24h light. And after that I took it out again to 14h daylight. So my experiment didn’t really affected the growth, but now the plant is flowering.
Not that I have experience in growing but my impression is that the autos take about 5 weeks to go into flowering. So my question is, do you think that there is hope fro this plant to grow and have relatively normal yeld? Shall I invest time and nutrients or it will stay small and it doesn’t make sense.



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Is is possible that the pistil is just the first of the pre-flowering stage? Just something I though of because you mention that the plant is 28 days (4 weeks) and that you think the auto-flowering plants go into full flower as early as 5 weeks.


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You can reverse it back to veg. It’s still early enough that it will reverse. If your willing to try, stick them back in 18/6 light schedule and let her get through the reverse back to veg and she should be ok, it’s an option.:meatballs:


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Since it's an auto-there's no re-vegging-I had an auto start to flower at 21 days-it only got 11" tall,but yielded 3 oz dry bud...
do you think that there is hope for this plant
Sure is-it's just doing what comes naturally-nothing you did caused it,it's
just following its genetic instructions.


By the way it started growing like crazy, but it looks like everything will be concentrated around the main cola. I don’t think the branches will grow very big and the plant will stay small in general. I LST it, hope it helps. Thanks guys!


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Smoke is smoke and if you stick with her you will get some. It might not be a bumper crop but it will be yours.

Unless you’re tight on space or impatient I say work with her until the end. Learn from this and I’m sure there will be other lessons she will teach you over the next two months.

My first run was not pretty but I ended up with a bit of grassy tasting bag seed bud. Not great by any means but I was damn proud. It gets better and easier.
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