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I am a Cannabis Warrior!


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I am slowly teaching the art of Cannabis growing to people in my home town. I have a broad spectrum of every day folk from Forest Rangers to an old couple down the street who use my herb for medicinal purpose. She is 71 years old battling all kinds of illnesses. I gave her an Oz of Afghani I grew a while back for her to try. She was outside gardening last week, something she hasn't done in over 5 years. Old Mrs Jones is now growing 10 green house clones in her back yard. Her husband says she looks 10 years younger.

I packaged some seeds and actually got several stores that are selling them "behind the counter". I also shipped some out to 5 different countries on 3 continents. Things are looing good.

I may never invent anything that will change the world, but I will spread my knowledge of good things to the people around me.


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Keep fighting the good fight!
I started growing for a family member with cancer, trying to teach as many people as possible about the benefits of this (possible) panacea. After my first grow (harvested early for higher cbd: thc) thought what the heck, lit up again after a good decade dry. (Yup, dunno what i was thinking). Within 3 months i was totally off all my prescription meds (adhd, chronic depression, anxiety), lost about 10kg that i'd gained from the meds, my bones no longer ache, calcerous growths in my wrists have disappeared...
Mom's still a bit scared to use it (the woman sniffs a cork then passes out drunk, she's that much of a lightweight) for her old lady aches & pains, family member with cancer is actually growing his own from my seeds (cancer free, still using to maintain homeostasis in his body), and all my friends' moms (turns out) have been using & looking for a local grower for yonks. Worlds changing, and this time, it might be for the better...
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