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I Am a Newbie


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Welcome to 420, :welcome:such a peaceful and informative site.

You've found a very helpful site, well versed in knowledge about growing, legalization, medical sues, and even info on cooking with herb!

And the most helpful MODs you've ever met! Just ask one or any member here for guidance! :thumb:

The home Page is divided into Forums with Topic Titles. Those Forums are divided into THREADS, and those THREADS are divided into POSTS. You started a THREAD in the Forum INTRODUCE YOURSELF and the replies are additonal POSTS in your THREAD.
I wish someone had explained that to me my first day.

I've seen grows done in a computer case, so that your tent would be like ten acres compared to the computer case

Peace :peace2:


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It will be ok for one plant but you will have to watch the height prob flower earlier like 2-3 week veg.

also watch your temps its going to get hot in that little tent.

what lights are you running?


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hi guys, thanks for the advice, i am running a cfl 250w blue for the first 6 to 8 weeks, and then a red 250w when flowering, and got a 4" extractor fan with carbon filter but no air intake, just out. could that cause a proplem


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no air intake

fresh airs gotta have a place to come in. the intake size should be same size as output and near the bottom, with exhaust at the top.


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Kinda like a baffle? I've been wrastling with light traps the last couple of days. Been kinda behind budget and I can't be losing too much CFM.....
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