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I am a noob that needs some help!


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Hello for the first time guys and girls. I have a problem and help is needed from anyone who knows.
I am growing in CoCo in a Wilma 8 pot 11 ltr v2 system. This is in a 1.2 tent. I am using the Blue feeders has I was told to use them as a hydro in coco hmm not sure now.
My PH is 6
My EC was 2 before my EC meter arrived now it's 1
I am using a CFL 120 watt grow bulb
My temp is 24 C with 54% humidity
My clones have been in a week
Within the first week I used Sensi grow A & B with voodoo Juice I put it at half dose in 40ltrs then day by day my EC climbed and so did the PH but now I have levelled it to 6 PH and 1.0 EC I had to take out half and replace half with fresh PH 5.5 water
Now I stopped feeding them so much, before I was feeding every hour for 15 mins I have reduced it to twice a day since I noticed a claw and I think nute burn. Can someone give me some help please or the best guidance.


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Looking at the last pic it seems as tho she is under fed, as it shows signs of drawing nitrogen out of the leaves for energy.are you still feeding twice a day?

indica vet

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i would keep your ph between 6 and 6.5 for coco. whilst coco is a hydroponic medium ...it is not inert like clay balls or rockwool,perlite etc
it is a natural product that does break down and add to your ppm. in my experience it is better to treat it like a soil mix and keep the ph slightly higher than true hydro ph.
the yellow one looks like it cannot uptake nutrients, fresh ph adjusted water only for a few days then back to .8 EC and go from there.
i agree with budnoob you probably need a lot more lumens in there mate:)


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Thank you, thank you. The yellow one doesn't look yellow under normal light its a vibrant green but the one with the deformation is the one i got concerned about. I was trying to do a CFL grow then a HPS flower but i am unsure now. But I still have a claw on some leaves on some plants this is what started me to ask for help.


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you start with a slightly over-fertilization to come down with an under fert all mixed with a little overwatering. The environment look poor in light and air
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