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i am back from the dead...again.


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Hello everyone.
Every once in awhile i seem to vanish off the face of 420times and
resurface again and again like stephano on days of our lives.
The phoenix shall rise again! ;)

I haven't been here since early may 07, so let me tell ya
what i have been up to...

I worked like a mo'fo all summer and was on the waiting list
to get into college.
I got my notice 2 weeks before classes started, so everything
happened for me in a big damn hurry.

My class load is massive and doesn't really allow for a whole
hell of alot of free time, let alone tokin.

Usually if i can't sleep i'll toke, and it puts me to bed just like
a lullabye though.

I have been smoking for about 6 years and since i started i
have never, and i mean ever been out of weed. I have good
suppliers and i grow too.

Nope, not living in winnipeg, but im pretty close. Had to move
back to manitoba for school, and i am closer to family for the

What am i taking you might ask?
Well, i am going to be a power engineer. Getting my 4th class.
Go to wikipedia if u r unsure of what one does. It has a good
The job is pretty high demand and i doubt i will ever be
out of work, and the money is pretty decent for a single
person like myself.

No more mcjobs for my ass!

Now back to studying. :peace:

Hope to see you all again soon.
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