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I am looking for a Medicinal marijuana Doctor in Lethbridge Alberta Canada


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In 2003 I got into a horrible car accident. I have suffered from severe back pain and Arthritis. I have asked my GP about prescribing my marijuana. He would not fill out my forms b/c there is no research backing up the use of marijuana for pain. He said that if I could get some of his colleagues to approve the treatment, he would more than likely sign it for me. I have asked my surgeon about it and he said that my GP can prescribe it for me. In the surgeons report it showed that I would be a good candidate for the treatment. When I asked my GP again he still refused to fill out my papers. Is there any other doctors in Lethbridge that would sign my papers.


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Is it possible to also give me a name of the doc in Lethbridge. I have a buddy out that way that would like to get a prescription. Thanks.
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