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I am wondering....need advice from you guys


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ok her is my story: :hmmmm:

i grow in the closet 2 female NL
they are now start the 3 week in hps 250w.
ther are inside 2 fan thet bring air inside .
and ther are bellows thet tike the air out.
olso they grow in hydroton with pump thet bring the water in circular.
they look spectacular and big one .

i took 2 cutting from them in the 4 week in MH.
i pot them in hothouse for 2 week with water ph balanced and rootbaster.

my question is they finsh the 2 week ther and i see jast little edge of the root really small but its look good i think.
i move them today to the closet with the rast in hps 250 in plastic box with hydroton
is it ok .something should happen rong?
they bin antil now in 40 florsnt with the rast of the seed they stil ther antel 4-5 weeks.
what do you think guys :hmmmm: :hmmmm: :hmmmm:
have a nice weekend :smoke2:


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you moved them too quick put them back and let the roots grow some more,better roots means stronger plants planting them wiil stress them
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